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Tumblr Completely Confident in Tumblcoin

The Chief Coin Officer of Tumblr has issued a new press release a mere eight hours after the announcement of Tumblcoin:

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, Tumblcoin has no maximum limit. We used numerous and varied economic studies to develop this completely sound process, and we’re entirely confident this will help create the most stable cryptocurrency this world has ever seen. There is no way this can fail. It’s the unsinkable currency.

As of press time, the CCO did not respond when asked for details on the “numerous and varied” economic studies.

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貧乏から学んだこと - コトリコ (via kaiteki61) (via zoker) (via starcat) (via nemoi) (via do-nothing) (via wideangle)


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Why do you have that thing in my lap?

m-hiroさんはTwitterを使っています (via y-haruka)
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Pace - Scott Uminga

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“「脳みそがあってよかった電源がなくても好きな曲を鳴らせる」 という短歌を初めてみたとき、中学生の時は学校に音楽機器を持って行くの禁止で アルバムの歌詞カードを制服のポケットに入れてチラチラ見ながら1曲ずつ頭の中で再現しながら登下校してたの思い出してなんかめちゃくちゃ泣いた”

ワさんのツイート (via gkojax)



「アンナ・カレーニナ」読むと結婚が捗るぞ: わたしが知らないスゴ本は、きっとあなたが読んでいる (via imanoi)



Twitter / mate_2d (via ashitatsu)

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Some might says that Brazilian artist Heloisa is really bad at drawing cats, but when you compare her source photos to her drawings, it’s clear that she’s really quite skilled. She uses her pen to capture the purrfect essence of each cat she draws, including this unsettling feline photo glitch:


Follow Heloisa’s Poorly Drawn Cats on Twitter for many more imcompurrable reproductions of other people’s cat photos.

[via Bored Panda]

音楽|しぇるこの書きたいことを書く日記 -3ページ目 (via suyhnc)
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New Dawn

Installation by United Visual Artists are window blinds that mimic ambient shade:

New Dawn is a screen-based sculpture that displays sublime light, dappling across its panels. The work responds to ideas of transactive memory, our tendency towards Apophenia as well as our problematic relationship with technology and subsequent mediated experience of the contemporary world. Carrying an ambient, cinematic quality, the emergent patterns suggest leaves falling or blowing in the wind to create. This moment of reflection recollects the paradox of Plato’s Cave, engaging a play of shadows which impairs our ability to authenticate. Isolated from its motherboard, it functions as the outsourcing of a memory, viewed  in a discordant context. It is only when one returns to the space, circling the artwork, that it’s inner workings are revealed and the illusion of absence shattered. We are lulled into its spectacle and then sharply pointed to its artificiality, reminding us of our place in contrast to the technological world but also our inherent alignment to it.


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Twitter / メトロノーム (via oi-ran)


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おごちゃん / Baronさんのツイート (via gkojax)
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